Episode 61

"Show The World We Are One" with Jay Fairbrother

"Show the world where you're from

(Show 'em where you're from)

Show the world we are one (One, love, life)" - Pitbull, "We Are One"

SURPRISE! We're doing a special Saturday livestream!

Jay Fairbrother, Executive VP of Chapter Chairs, Global Leaders Organization joins The MIC is Listening! for a casual conversation on the importance community and collaboration for executive leadership and entrepreneurship.

It can be lonely at times to find peers that understand your challenges.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Join the conversation on how networking on platforms like LinkedIn are a great value add to business organizations like Global Leaders Organization to facilitate warm meetings in real life (aka. IRL) and building deeper relationships with Forums!

Questions to #GnawOnThis (yes, I'm referencing another #podcast...)

* How important is building a network of peers and mentors in real life to you?

* Has the pandemic changed the way we view building business relationships, ie. virtually or IRL?

* What are YOU looking for in a business community? Referrals? Mentorship? Mentoring? Collaboration?

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